Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, Day 4

We all started out our morning groaning a bit about how sore we were from our tough work yesterday at Growing Power, but nonetheless we headed on to Victory Garden Initiatives for our second day of work!
Victory Garden Initiative's mission "builds communities that grow their own food, creating a community-based, socially just, ecologically sustainable, nutritious food system for all."
We kept this in mind as all twelve of us went out on the streets of the Bayview and Shorewood neighborhoods and handed out flyers about the Victory Garden Blitz and general information about the nonprofit. While there today we also spent time with Alysse and Kelly who gave us background on VGI and how this vision of community gardens has been received by the Milwaukee area.  In addition to that we also helped sort plant, vegetable and fruit seeds that were donated to VGI. We ended up sorting through these seed packets by ten. Overall it came out to 180 bundles!  These will be donated to people who sign up to receive a garden through their organization.

During reflection this evening, we discussed the difference between a service trip versus vacation. We had a good conversation about this. We also had a social justice art gallery, where we put up pictures that represented different topics that intersect with food justice.

We were then asked questions about these different pictures: our thoughts, our opinions and what challenged us when we looked at them. We were encouraged to think about why this activity was important to food justice and how it intersects with race, poverty and the work that we are doing.

We are excited to get back to work tomorrow at Growing Power and have orientation at St. Ben's.  We kindly thank our community partners at Victory Garden Initiative for having us help at their organization.
Keep checking back for more updates!

~Joseffa and Jenna E.

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