Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! We started the day off with having pancakes for breakfast. After cleaning up we headed to the Milwaukee Public Market.

The market was full of vendors selling a variety of things from seafood, groceries, spices, plants, pastries, chocolate, and gifts/postcards. Despite the traffic it was a great experience and gave us a feel of the area. During our reflection we compared our observations of the atmosphere of the public market to the experience from Aldi last night. We notice that even though they were both places to shop for food, there was a difference in term of how it felt to be there. At the public market there seemed to be the connection of it being a place to go for fun and as a privilege shopping trip. Where as at Aldi just buying groceries was not a special event.

After the Market we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. The museum had 3 floors full of exhibits for us to explore and we also saw a theatre show that talked about whether the asteroids really killed the dinosaurs, which was apart of our museum admission. The museum was very informational and interesting to see because the galleries and exhibits were very detailed in their displays. One of the things that really stood out at the museum was the walk through the exhibit called “Streets of old Milwaukee”. This exhibit highlighted the history of Milwaukee as it became more industrialized. During reflection we discussed cultural appropriation and talked about the comparison of the master narrative and personal narrative by critiquing the exhibits, where we shared our emerging awareness of how race plays a role in which perspective is told.

We had a great first full day in Milwaukee and are looking forward to work with Growing Power and meeting up with Rid Racism Milwaukee. Stay tuned for more updates!

- Olivia & Yeng

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