Thursday, March 24, 2016

Food, Plants, and Humans!

Hello humans of the earth!! It is us, Nur & Lupita. We sit here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - eating a bag of lettuce with chili powder in our apartment; we have a great view of a place called "Bro-yo." We also have a beautiful view of 7-Eleven *Beyonce starts playing*

So far, this week has been incredible! Today was our last day at Growing Power. We started off the day doing hard work in the cold. Not only was it cold, but there was some form of precipitation falling from the sky -- rain?? snow??? sleet?? slush?? ice?? hail?? It doesn't sound too fun, but trust us, IT WAS! The people at Growing Power are great humans and our group is very fun to work with so it was not too bad. WE GOT TO WORK IN GREENHOUSES AND BE SURROUNDED BY PLANTS, HOW CAN WE COMPLAIN? It wasn't easy leaving the people of Growing Power. They treated us like family and working with them is something we will always remember. They showed us what it means to be a community and the importance of food. We ended our service with them with a tour of their warehouse! Mr. Will Allen greeted us there and we got to see what Growing Power is beyond farm site. 

Today, we also did service at Saint Ben's. It is a place that provides people experiencing homelessness and poverty hot meals and other necessities. We had the opportunity to serve 324 people of all ages and clean up the space. We also got to sit down with some of the community members and have good conversations with them! We were surrounded by kind hearted, inspiring, and appreciative people that really made us realize how important it is to do what you can to help out our community.

We are looking forward to working with Victory Garden Initiative tomorrow! 
Peace to all you wonderful humans,

Nur & Lupita 

(Shoutout to Merry for cutting up this lettuce) 

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